Dallas Willard – Joy – From Life to Life

John Ortberg interviews Dallas Willard at the Knowing Christ Conference. During the last minute or so Dallas speaks of passing from life through death to life.

Posted with permission from the Dallas Willard Center for Spiritual Formation. Full conference videos can be found here: http://dallaswillardcenter.com/2013-conference/conference-videos/

Joy Cuts Through Everything

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  1. Ron C. May 14, 2013 at 6:05 pm #


    Dallas Willard was truly a class act and will be missed by many.

    Today I came across an article (dated May14) in the Jesus Creed re Willard and thought you may be interested. The author states that, “We need quality Christian thinkers like Willard, unafraid of truth and inquiry. Those who can stand up and think, who don’t need the last word, and who ruthlessly follow truth wherever it leads.”

    At the same time he seemed to have a light hold on certainty, knowing that most of what he presented was merely his opinion about truth.

    This also includes a link to his Feb 12 talk entitled “What Skepticism is Good For”. Here’s the link to this article

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